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Supporter spotlight: Acton church, Michie TN

Acton church of Christ

I used to work with the Shiloh TN church, outside the Shiloh National Battleground, just north of Michie. Some of those good folk are now a part of the Acton congregation. I suppose it was from that connection, best I recall, that Acton entered into partnership with us, not a few years back. So far back, that Jeremy Barrier was in college and working as a youth intern one summer when we were giving a report there.

We have those good friends from Shiloh days and have made many new ones since our association with the church there. Among the old friends, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Nor and Linda Hagy, in whose home we have often stayed and whose hospitality we’ve enjoyed.

The congregation is served by three elders: Joe Story, James Eley, and Roger Simpson. Joe is also preaching, although their last bulletin announced that a new preacher would begin next year.

Please give thanks to the Lord for this good congregation’s involvement in the GoSpeak ministry and ask that he bless their every good effort, both locally and in every place where the brethren are involved.

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