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Supporter spotlight: Baker Heights church, Abilene TX

Baker Heights church

A baptism at Baker Heights

When Vicki and I moved to Abilene, Tex., in January, 1982, for me to pursue a master’s degree in Missiology, our team members had all gone ahead of us. We were the last ones to make the Texas move. All of them were attending the Baker Heights congregation. It had been established 1961 on the southwest side of town, near the air base, to reach out to the military.

Vicki and I attended on a Wednesday night after our arrival. The following Sunday two of us from our mission team went to the Blackwell church to preach. I was supposed to preach Sunday night, but the meeting was cancelled due to bitterly cold weather. So they asked me to return the next Sunday, which  Vicki and I did. Then they asked me to keep coming, and I preached at Blackwell for the two years, 1982-83, we were in Texas.

But on Wednesday nights, we and our other mission team members met at Baker Heights. Some of them preached on Sundays, others didn’t.

When we came to Brazil in 1984, the Baker Heights elders decided to provide some working fund support in equal amounts for each of our four team families.

Our first American visitors on the field, in that first year, were Bob and Mary Childress. Bob was an elder at Baker Heights. A few years later, the Childresses came back again to visit the mission team.

Later, in the 90s, after we had moved to SJCampos, a group from Baker Heights visited us: elder Dean Hagler, preacher Jack English, Jack’s wife Pat, deacon (at the time) Ron McElyea, and Ron’s wife Jerri. Their visit was a major encouragement to us.

The Baker Heights church continues to support two of the original four families in Brazil. They have been a mainstay in our work for these past 27 years. Through many transitions both on their end and ours, we’re grateful for their faithfulness in financial and spiritual support.

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