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Fellowship lesson taught to 130 men; new book released

Speaker with one of the organizers

Randal with Bira, one of the organizers, holding their nice gift

See this mid-month report in PDF format, because more good things are coming down the pike. We hint at one of them in this report.

You get to see a bad photo of Randal speaking. (Not a photo of Randal speaking badly.) His lesson lasted over an hour. He ran over his allotted 45 minutes. Will they let him return?

Click here to download the file: gospeak35-05.

We’re printing fewer first runs of our books now. This new one is being well received. Check out details in the PDF.

Here are a few items not in the report:

  • Mold invaded our bedroom during our short trip to the US. The house was closed up during some heavy rains. It’s getting painted, but taking very long.
  • My mom gave me her old smartphone on our last trip to the US. I was still using my 10-year-old flip-phone, vowing to keep it while it lasted. No internet, no camera, just calls and texts. EVERYBODY in Brazil uses WhatsApp, and I was out in the cold. No more.
  • During the cold weather we pull out sweaters, coats, and blankets, which gives my eyes fits. I’m about over the allergy attack. But it looked bad at the men’s meet last Sat.
  • We may have to print more of Fascicle I of the dictionary. We have orders we can’t fill, since that one is sold out.


  1. Randal, I am so refreshed each time I read about your ministry and efforts in Brazil. You schedule is full and productive. Your writing is prolific and your blogs, email and reports are replete with progress, which is very encouraging. I lift you and your family in prayer often.

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