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Vicki teaches mothers about phases of life.

Vicki teaches mothers about phases of life.

The Taubaté women had a special meeting for Mother’s Day, Saturday, May 7. It was held in Ricardo and Marília’s closed community, at the commons kiosk.

Marília had asked Vicki to speak. She chose as her topic, “Phases of Life.” One non-Christian visitor was present.

While the women enjoyed their moment, a few of us men met in Ricardo’s home to chat and read the Bible. I spoke at some length on Psa 119.97-104. (Sorry, no photo of that.)

Ricardo and Fred, Carol’s husband, were present. (Fred was not baptized after we studied with them.) I gave a certain emphasis on obedience in verses 100-101.

Afterwards, we sang happy birthday to Vicki and Rose, who celebrate their days in May.


  1. I appreciate your efforts in Brazil. And we appreciate hearing from you and thanks for the updates!
    You are in our prayers.

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