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Lecture notes: Technology in missionary communication

At the 2017 Bible Lectureship at Freed-Hardeman University, I presented the lecture, “Technology in Missionary Communication.”

All of our children honored us with their presence, taking off work or class to be present.

Also gracing us with his presence was Dr. Richard Cave, one of the people instrumental in our choice of Brazil as a field of work.

Dr. Cave is a former missionary to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and was teaching psychology at FHU when I enrolled in 1975. He was the faculty sponsor for the Brazil interest group on campus.

My lecture material is online at this link. I may tweak it a tad, but this is essentially what was presented.

I’d appreciate hearing your perspective on this topic. I’m looking to learn more.

Thanks to the university lectureship director for the invitation to speak and to the missions department for suggesting my name.

What say you?

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