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TFR site reaches 135 countries so far this year

The Fellowship Room

Since the beginning of 2016, visitors to The Fellowship Room have come from 135 countries, according to the statistics report. TFR is one of the sites of the GoSpeak ministry.

The top five countries from which visitors come are the United States, India, Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. So four continents are represented in these top countries.

TFR often has over 150 page visits a day.

The site focuses on subjects of interest to Christians. It includes several series of posts, such as

A number of contributors, whom we call Fellows, post as they can.

Tennessean Eugene Adkins is the main administrator of the site and a frequent poster. He preaches with the Oak Grove church in Warren County.

Soon, plans call to move TFR from its hosting on to its own server. That will allow us to remove the advertising.

Become a regular reader of TFR. You can subscribe to receive emails when a post is made or you can follow the RSS feed. Be sure to bookmark it in your browser as well. (To subscribe, go to the top of the side column on the site).

And we’re always looking for new contributors who know how to write and have something edifying to say.

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