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Three comments on devotional site, and more

Last week, as I prepared a post about the 28 years of DeusConosco devotional site, I asked some friends and followers to chime in about how it was helpful to them. Here are three more comments. Some went beyond the site to speak about our ministry in general.

Aderman Jr:

I’ve accompanied DeusConosco since January of 2007, but I think that on the company email account where I worked around 2004-2005, I also followed it.

I help in a home study group, and several of the meditations have served as inspiration and a source of ideas for the weekly devotionals.

Lately, I’ve tried to read the devotionals in the morning, in the metro train, on the way to work. I want to start the day putting good things in my mind to help me in my Christian walk. And DeusConosco has helped me continue in the fight.

Thank you, and may the Lord continue to use you to edify, teach, encourage, and call us to remember God always with us.

Aida Cueva:

Randal has done an excellent work connecting brethren in remote places of this planet. Today I am stronger in faith because of his work. I was in the interior of Africa and counted on the support of Randal’s website. Also, I was able to meet with brethren there, thanks to contacts that Randal had found. I was able to distribute corn donated by Brazilian brethren to Malawian brethren in need. When I note the web of connections of blessings generated by Randal’s work, I must thank God and the American brethren who decided to support his work in Brazil. May the Lord bless each one of you the same way I have been blessed. Thank you.

Alexandre Pestana:

Beloved brethren, I have served God in the city of Jundiaí as an elder since 2000. I was baptized in 1968 by John Pennisi and Osvaldo Lalli. I have accompanied most of the missionaries in my region and in various others. I participated in the selection of the first Brazilian eldership in the Ninth of July congregation in São Paulo.

But I can say that, within important moments like these, I feel comfortable in writing that the presence of Randal Matheny was and is important for Brazil.

Some 15 years ago, I felt dissatisfaction with the chaos that is American evangelism in Brazil. They come and leave, fail to stay to help and show how to maintain the work. They fail to show what to do if something goes wrong, teach us to see new perspectives, and above all, proceed according to what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit want. Don’t talk with Randal about what you think, if you’re not prepared to hear what God wants.

I am not good to write as he is so that people can understand. He manages this easily.

Here in Brazil we had the Olympics—hahaha. Now everything is falling to pieces. Why? I’d say that, after building, you need to maintain it, leave what you did so well and with such effort functioning.

You North Americans have the blessing to have special men such as Ted Stewart, João Pennisi, David Meadows, Allen Dutton, Walter Kreidel, Howard Norton, among many others.

But they are not here with us. Randal is, and we can give glory to God for this.

You can get a taste of what we publish on DeusConosco. See here and here.


  1. Aida

    Wherever I am you will always be reachable. Thanks, Randal.

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