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Trump energizes Twitter. Can Christ give life through it?

A rare meme published on QBT

President Donald Trump shakes the world when he tweets. A news story claims “NFL Teams Won’t Hire Kaepernick Because They’re Scared Trump Will Tweet About Them.”

As a business, Twitter has been on the slide, probably in part for silencing perspectives they don’t agree with. But Trump may be breathing new life into the microblogging service.

In 2010 GoSpeak featured its effort, Quick Bible Truths (QBT), which began on Twitter.

Since then, in a move not to be controlled or restricted by third-party services, QBT has moved to its own website. Posting is done first on the site, which is then cross-posted to Twitter.

Over 2,500 people follow QBT on Twitter. But on the website, QBT has not proven to be as effective. In our lean years, it may one of the sites slated for deletion.

Twitter thrives on controversy, insult, and riposte. QBT avoids mud-slinging and states the truth of the gospel in positive ways.

Twitter has also moved strongly into visuals, videos, and memes. QBT has done precious few posts with visuals (see image, above). It has relied mainly on text. It often uses quotes from books, articles, and posts.

Users may follow QBT on Twitter, Facebook, or—the best option yet—receive emails with full content by subscribing to the website.

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