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The virtual side of the new work

Easy-to-remember domain names are important, so the experts tell us. With the new work started last Sunday, we launched two new sites, with common one-word domains.

The first I had purchased some time ago and never did much with it. Now we’re using it to serve the brethren: irmaos.org (“brethren”). With that in mind, today I posted an article, “The Thief on the Cross and Salvation Today,” to help as the saints study with others. The site ought to grow in use as we grow.

The second domain name I found not so long ago, to be directed toward non-Christians: cristaos.org (“Christians”). This name was an amazing find, because of its simplicity and appropriateness. Today I posted the study, “Be converted through Understanding,” to show that we must understand the truth, rather than be led by emotion.

Both sites are hosted by posthaven, an up-and-coming service by two of the original creators of posterous. Its principal advantages are low cost and ease of use. (Update: They’re now both on our host servers.)

We’ll continue to work with the Jardim Esplanada congregation to maintain the igreja-de-cristo.com site for the congregations in our region. (Update: This domain now redirects to irmaos.org.)

The Reach Project site will also continue, as the Portuguese-language publishing arm, along with the Edification magazine site and the Ministry & Mission electronic journal for Christian training.

The English-language sites continue normally, without modification.

What say you?

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