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Working out with the gospel

Paulo took a selfie with us after our workout.

This past week held a number of good opportunities. Among them were these:

  • With our own midweek reading cancelled for this month, Vicki and I went to Jacareí Wednesday, July 18, and gave encouragement and support to Douglas, who is teaching on Acts to his mother and brother. They meet in her home at 6:30 pm.
  • Thursday night, the 19th, about 9:45 pm, I taught at my neighbor Paulo’s gym on the inspiration of the Bible. We had a new visitor. We’ll have another study there July 26.
  • Friday afternoon, July 20, Paulo and I studied the Bible at our house, finishing Lesson 14, on holiness, from the “Greatest Subjects of the Bible” series I wrote.
  • Saturday morning, July 21, we received Leo, who has done a good bit of work here at the house and closed in the back porch for my home office. He sat with us almost two hours talking about faith. He’s a good man, deeply religious, and we hope to develop that relationship.
  • Saturday night we hopped across the street and had pizza with Paulo and Adriana. The gospel was a large part of our conversation.
  • Sunday morning, July 22, Vicki, Paulo and I went to the congregation on the east side of town. They asked me to preach. I spoke on the story of the forgiveness of sin throughout the Bible.

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