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On occasion, publications or websites ask me to write for them, both English- and Portuguese-language. As I am able, I’m happy to oblige.

One publication I write for with some regularity is the monthly bulletin for the congregations in the city of Guarulhos. It’s called Amo  Jesus (I love Jesus). Valdir Silva is the editor. In May it celebrated 28 years of nearly continuous publication.

Valdir asked me to write about what the bulletin represented to the three congregations it serves. Here’s what I said:

My article for the May issue of "Amo Jesus"

My article for the May issue of “Amo Jesus”

I used history, unity, edification, and faithfulness as my main points.

  • It serves as a historical archive.
  • It promotes unity among the congregations.
  • It edifies the church.
  • It exemplifies faithfulness through its consistency of publication.

The bulletin is a bit larger than an 8×11 inch sheet, with 8 pages. Usually, about nine people write each month with teaching and other articles, besides the usual information one sees in a church bulletin.

A couple of years ago, I wrote every month for Amo Jesus as a guest columnist.

What say you?

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